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We Are Building a Next-               Generation Pharmaceutical  Manufacturing Facility

Our next-generation manufacturing facility has a significantly smaller plant floor footprint with comparable output to traditional plants. This leads to significant efficiencies in time and cost of construction via our modular clean room layout

Forecasted CAPEX can quadruple production capacity and add technology, automation and robotics to generate margin improvements

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Total budgeted construction CAPEX
Up to 0 mm
Lyophilized substance containers per year
Up to 0 mm
Liquid injectables vials per year
  • Commercial pharma production processes are challenging and impose high demands on rooms, air quality, staff, and raw materials
  • AccelPharma's facility is the "cream of the crop" in comparison with most other contract manufacturers globally
    • Our facility uses best-in-class, proven, robust, and reliable technologies, including use of isolator technology, i.e. technology required to make most complex products, including oxygen sensitive products
    • We specialize in manufacturing liquid and lyophilized (dry-freeze) injectable formulations
    • Our systems allow flexibility of producing various size batches – from 2mL to 100mL vials
    • We employ redundant systems, well above and beyond US and EU regulatory requirements
    • Our facility will be equipped with advanced technology, with an emphasis on single use systems and disposable parts, allowing for fast production and turn around scheduling with a major reduction in utilities demand.
  • AccelPharma places heavy emphasis on personnel, environmental, and process safety
  • Capacity
    Contract manufacturing of finished dose liquid and lyophilized injectable pharmaceuticals with key focus on oncology formulations, customized therapies and small batch formulations currently on FDA shortages lists
  • Single Use Systems
    95 percent of contact surfaces (tubing, filter cartridges, connectors and clamps) will be single-use systems, including disposable plastic bags in our smaller bioreactors.
  • Manufacturing Capacity
    Our facility has an annual capacity of 30MM vials (based on a 10R vial and a standard terminally filtered product). We anticipate producing up to 10MM Lyophilized Aseptic Vials annually (10R equivalent)
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lab worker in protective workwear studying viruses
  • Multi-Product Capability
    The AccelPharma facility can allow rapid change from one product type to another as part of normal production, while minimizing the potential for cross contamination. Potent products are high value/low volume, requiring production of multiple product types to ensure maximum facility use.
    We are ready to meet the rising need for small batches of individualized therapies.
  • Product Characteristics
    In addition to potent / multiple product types our facility has the flexibility to handle the following products:
    1) Low bio-burden terminally filtered product
    2) Cold chain products
    3) Light sensitive products
    4) Solvent based products (low concentration not lyophilized) 5) Oxygen sensitive products
Cooperate with Us

Cooperate with Us

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