September 02, 2020
AccelPharma— opportunity for investment

AccelPharma— opportunity for investment

San Diego – June 20, 2020 – Del Mar-based Alpha Capital, LLC (together with its subsidiaries “Alpha”) announced a plan to acquire a substantial stake in privately held oncology pharmaceuticals manufacturer AccelPharma China Limited (together with its subsidiaries, “AccelPharma”). Upon completion, the investment will represent approximately 25% of the equity ownership of AccelPharma. Alpha’s acquisition is expected to take place over multiple stages.

Alpha is purchasing the key strategic stake in AccelPharma owing to Alpha’s view of OAccelPharma’s asset quality, state of the art production facility, business model, revenue stream, and distribution plan.

“We believe the AccelPharma investment highlights the benefit of Alpha’s flexible investment platform and our ability to source, evaluate, and close on high growth investment opportunities globally. We look forward to helping AccelPharma deliver highly complex sterile oncology medicines globally via its identified distribution channels.”

Colin Breeze, Alpha’s CEO

“We are confident that Alpha’s investment will allow us to expand our production capacity in a substantial way. Our collaboration with Alpha will allow us to rapidly ramp up production of oncology medicines that are in short supply in China and abroad.”

Oleksandr Zabudkin,
CEO of AccelPharma’s Chinese manufacturing facility

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