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Opportunity Zone Investment Program Provides Material Benefit to Investors, Communities

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  • An Opportunity Zone is a designation and investment program created by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 allowing for certain investments, mainly in lower income areas, to be eligible for preferential tax treatment, leading to 30%-40% increase in investors’ annualized returns if investment is held for at least 10 years
  • Objective is to spur economic development & job creation in distressed communities
  • States may designate up to 25% of mainly low-income census tracks as Opportunity Zones – appx. 9,000 zones in U.S., where over 30 million people live and work, including urban, suburban and rural areas
  • A sponsor can create a Qualified Opportunity Fund, a vehicle structured as either a partnership or corporation for the purpose of investing in an OZ, whether in real estate or directly in businesses through equity
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Opportunity Zone Benefit

Opportunity Zone Benefit

  • Opportunity Zones allow an investor to defer capital gains taxes by trading one asset with another asset in a different asset class (in the past, same class was req’d)
  • Capital gain taxes are deferred for realized investments reinvested into Opportunity Zone investments
  • Capital gains tax waived if investment held for 10 yrs
  • Investor may exclude 10-15% of the contributed/deferred capital gain by investing in an Opportunity Fund by the end of 2021 and meet a 5-7 yr holding period
  • Investors who realize certain capital gain may reinvest the capital gain in an Opportunity Fund within 180 days
  • Nonresident alien individuals and foreign corporations can participate
  • Accelerated depreciation is allowed and depreciation recapture is eliminated
Veracor Opportunity Fund Overview

Veracor Opportunity Fund Overview

An Atlanta Georgia based Veteran Owned Company

  • Major General James Comstock - U.S. Army Special Forces (Retired)
  • Colonel John Redfearn - U.S. Army Pilot – Apache Battalion Commander (Retired)

Nationally Approved & Registered Opportunity Zone Fund

Nationally Approved & Registered Community Development Entity (CDE)

Highly quantitative and innovative Team

Emphasis on impact investing, job creation, reduction of unemployment, reduction of poverty

Meaningful network in governmental (federal and state), as well as in private utility sectors to cut red tape, achieve favorable operating conditions, get things done

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Engineering and Technical
Veracor Opportunity Fund Incremental Benefit

Veracor Opportunity Fund Incremental Benefit

  • Access to federal guarantees for bank-underwritten debt financing for Qualified Projects
  • Creating meaningful leverage for Invested Equity, potentially magnifying investor’s IRR while providing risk floor for Bank underwriters
  • Access to State and Government grants
  • Municipal / State Tax Support in the form of Bonds for qualified projects
  • Federal Government Contracts
  • State incentivized commercial loans
  • CDE & CDIF Loans
Cooperate with Us

Cooperate with Us

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